This is a quick news for Malala Fans, Malala Yousafzai will write a book titiled as "I'm Malala". The book is the part of Malala's cause for world's children. The book is to be published in 2013. A publishing press in UK has made an agreement with Malala and they will publish the book in the United Kingdom this year. However, the book will also be published in USA next year. 
Malala Book "I'm Malala"

Malala will write her life in the book including the "Taliban", the attack on her, the memories of school, the other important incidents and all she worked for the children in Swat, KPK, Pakistan.

This is to remember that Malala was attacked last year in Swat when she was coming home from school, she was shot by militants Taliban, because she had been cretisizing them for not allowing girls for getting education in the swat Vellay. 

Malala said that, she would work more for the children of the world and she added that her life is devoted for Children's edcuation. She wants every children of the world to get education and go to school.