Malala Yousafzai who was shot in Swat last year on October 9, She is now well and getting better day by day. She has joined a school in Birmingham, UK, she is happy now a little and has started working again for getting the rights of Children's.

But before 9 Octuber, she was speaking openly against the militants Taliban in Swat region. Therefore, she was also in danger because of her openly talks to media. However, she never tried to protect herself or take extra security measures, and thus 9 October sparked the world when Malala was attacked while she was coming back from School to Home.

Before that attack, The New York Times (A US based news paper) had made a documentary on Malala's life in which you'll find her daily life routine in Swat Vally. She spoke a lot in that documentary and described her thoughts.

Here is the full video of that documentary: