Today is the birthday of Great Malala Yousafzai and UN announced to celebrate this day as "Malala Day" world wide. Today the "Malala Day" is being celebrated all over the world, and this is another great honor for Malala. This day will be celebrated as "Malala Day" every year, stated by UN. The day is very important for Malala, her family and for the entire world, because she is no longer a "Girl" she is a role model now for all the girls. Today is the 16th birthday of Malala, she will celebrate this day in the US along with her family. She is well this time to celebrate her birthday. Today she will deliver a speech in the New York to the United Nations.
Malala Day
Malala day is being celebrated officially in more than 50 countries including Pakistan, in Pakistan there are will be many programs & seminars holding on Malala's day. This day is somehow a great response to  Malala's struggles. Before, this day was announced to be celebrated on 10th November, but now the date has been changed to Malala's Birthday. 

Malala supporters and people from around the world are wishing her a happy birthday, and also the day is celebrated as "Malala Day" all over the world. So on this occasion you can also wish a "Happy Birthday" to Malala Yousafzai using this page. Kind regards; 

Malala Birthday

Here is the Malala's Speech at United Nations: