On 12th July, 2013, Malala remind the world that she is still alive & active. She again made the world sad by exploring some past memories. However, she made the world happy by showing her attitude and her passion. She remind the world that education is still important to her and will always be. Her speech at the UN Assembly was without doubts a remarkable speech in the history. She has been speaking at such large platforms for years, but this time the entire world was watching her. Therefore, this impacted the large part of the world. This was her first appearance in public after her recovery. Here is the full speech you can watch right now.

This was her 16th Birthday on 12th of the July, and therefore UN decided to celebrate this day as "Malala day". Malala was looking just fresh and her family was also present on this occasion. 

This is however a fact that Malala is not like she was in Pakistan before the attack, But also she recovered very quickly, that's a good sign for her future. She spoke very well in the UN Assembly, and people got inspired again by her speech. She didn't criticize anyone including them who had shot her, but she forced world's people and organizations to do something for the children in terms of education. 

She said even if that person came in front of me who shot her, she wouldn't shot him, because her power is pen not Gun. the participants and other people who were watching the speech on screens, all of them appreciated Malala's latest speech. That's it.