Malala Yousafzai just opened a Library in Birmingham. She was looking healthy and confident on this occasion and she delivered a short but inspirational speech. She said in her words that "Books will defeat terrorism". She added, she was shot but her cause is alive and now she will work for the children not only of Pakistan but also around the world. The picture taken on that occasion is here:

Malala in Birmingham library
She had worn a "Red" color dupatta and was looking very cool as before. She was so excited before starting her speech and finally she inspired the world again. The Library in Birmingham which Malala opened just today is a very big library and there will be millions of books available for the readers.

The full story of this new Library opening by Malala may be read here:

You may also watch the speech delivered by Malala by following above link of the Malala will be in news for nobel prize this year in December. Keep us visiting and make your donation for the educational cause and this blog for Malala. Thanks.