We received an inspiration letter from a student and friend of Malala Yousafzai from Serbia. The girls with same aged as Malala are sending us so many messages and letters in support of Malala and in respect of Malala. And that's how we think Malala is changing the world and will change so. 

Here is the letter word by word sent us from Serbia, you may also send letters, poems, portraits and anything you wish to be published on this blog about Malala with your name or website.

Dear Malala,
I don't even know how to start this letter. I want to tell you so many things. First of all, let me tell you how much I admire you. You're one of the bravest girls I ever met. I’m sure you heard this words like X times, but never mind. I think you're one of your kind. 

Just a few months ago I didn't know who you were, till I read the news about you being shot by Taliban. It was so terrible news. I'm 17 years old, so we're almost coevals. That’s why I can understand you even better. So, when I heard that news, I was sure you'd die and I felt so discouraged. I thought that one smart and brave girl would die for no reason. Later on, when I heard you had survived, I was very happy. I prayed God for you, my friend, if I can call you that. So, after the accident you had, I started following the news about you. I found out you were a girl from Pakistan, who was fighting for her future and I felt such an admiration. You passed through so many things so far and survived almost every kind of pain. 

I wish you had a happier life, but never mind. All that struggle made you stronger. One of my favorite quotes is : “What doesn't kill you, make you stronger.”You proved it in practice. You didn't let anyone to prevent you and you’re a real life example that we can fulfill any of our dreams if we only want to. We can even move mountains, cross rivers, fly to the Moon… You proved that a girl can do so many things and you did so many of them. You showed the world who we girls actually are and that our voice is heard and that it must be heard. We’re not a minority, we’re independent enough to pass through life depending on ourselves only. I have always thought education was the most important thing in the life and I’m glad to have found one person who shares my point of view. That is you, Malala.

As you said : “One teacher, one student, one book and one pencil can change the world. “ 
The key to the brighter future is in the knowledge, in books, in words. You showed me some new aspects of life and learnt me that no matter where do we come from, we can succeed and get a good knowledge. Thank you.

I can just imagine how hard it was to stand up and express your opinion in front of so many uneducated people, who’re afraid of changes. Fear is the biggest enemy, but you won it. You helped people to realize how they powerful are, how they can give their own contribution to the world’s improvement and change it to better. 

They must had many wrong prejudices about girl’s place in the world and their rights, their freedom and their chance to get education. Thanks to you, they’re slowly changing that ancient and biased opinion, and although there’re left so many things to be done, you made a huge step, the hardest step-the first step. Well done!

Thanks to you I realized how life can be so hard in some parts of the world and I learnt to more appreciate the things God gave me. I realized how lucky I actually were. I had the chance to study and to wide my views every day. Is there anything more valuable? 

I’m now aware how many children in the world lack education and I’m aware of their struggle for survival. I wish we all could get the free education. I strongly believe that we girls' re-born to be leaders and to show this world it needs us. After you, so many girls started to think about themselves and their position in the society and thanks to you, they decided to do something and change all the things they can. You were their illumination, Malala. You showed them they could do better. You’re the best role model for girls around the world, not for those who’re lacking education only, but also for those who’re afraid of the world, who can’t stand for their rights. You showed them everything is possible. Isn’t it?

Never give up, keep doing this great work. I'm sure you'll be a great leader and one of the most powerful women in the world in a few years. 

I want to congratulate you for the International Peace Award you got, well done. You deserved it.
I hope we’ll meet at University of Oxford one day.

Best wishes from your Serbian friend,
Natalija Sokolov