A story ‘Your world is (only) that you create yourself’

“Ma! Ma! They are fighting again, the bad men, they are going towards Malala’s school,”Manu shouted while running towards his house.He panted as he ran.

“O!Allah help us,” Ma begged.

“What happened? What is all this noise about! Can't someone pray in peace?”shouted baba from inside the house.

“The Taliban are going to destroy another school of girls,” Ma informed.

“O Allah save us from these devils who kill people and destroy places of education on your name,”he replied.

Malala was a girl of about seven years who wanted to become a doctor in the future and for this she was studying very hard.Malala’s family lived in a village located in Swat.For some months the Taliban had come in Swat and they were demolishing the girls’ schools.

“What’s that noise? What happened Manu? Why are you shouting and look!You are panting.Why? asked Malala who had just come from her friend’s house after studying.

“Sis do you know the Taliban are destroying your school,” said Manu.

“What! no.I know you are just pulling my leg Manu,” replied Malala.

“No, Malala. Manu is right.They are really destroying your school,” said Ma.There were tears rolling down Malala’s cheeks.She was crying bitterly.

“Baba (Father) why don't you do something about it,” wept Malala.

“We can’t my dear, we can't,”replied baba (Father).

Malala was disappointed by this reply.Just then Yousaf uncle showed up.He was coming towards them.

“Ibrahim!Ibrahim! Ghazi Sahib is going to the girls’ school to stop them wrecking it .Some other men are also going with him. Do you want to come?” he shouted. .

“Baba (Father) please go,”Malala requested.

“Alright, lets go.”

When they reached there,the school was almost down.

There were about fifteen Taliban and thirty-five men opposing them.

“Stop doing these things,”Ghazi Sahib exclaimed.

“For what? You people are mad,sending girls to school. Astaghfirrulah.Don't you know that girls should not be educated?”replied one of the Talibans.

“Where is it written? Show us.In the Qur’an?”Ghazi Sahib asked in anger.

“Shut up you fools.Do you want women to have victory over us by studying,”another man shouted back.

“Let’s go back brothers, it’s no use talking to them,” Ghazi Sahib said and turned back. “Only Allah can help us now.”

While they were going back the Taliban made fun of them by raising slogans against the education of girls.

However,all of them did not know the fact that Allah wanted every human being to be educated.

The next day Manu came running with an exciting news.He said,“Sis,Sis listen.The T.V people have come here.They are talking about your school and they are finding any girl who belongs to it.”

“Oh Ma Ma please may I go,”Malala asked. “I wish to ask them to stop the Taliban.”

“What Ma?”
“I was saying”
“Yes yes”
“A…a…..alright go,” Ma replied in a worried tone.

“But why are you not happy?” Malala asked.

“Think about the village people.What will  they say?”

“Ma they have always said that. Should we give up hope. We have an opportunity.”

“Hurry up sis or they'll go back,” Manu shouted.

“I’m going Ma,” Malala said and ran full speed.

The news reporter was standing near Malala’s  school. Malala went near and said,“I am from Swat Elementary School For Girls.”

“Oh! You have come here.I want to ask you some questions,”the reporter said.“What is your name?”
“My name is Malala Ibrahim,”she said.

“Tell us something about you.”

“I am seven years old and study in class three.I want to become a doctor in the future.I love studying and I want to study hard so that I can make my parents proud. But now they have destroyed my school and I can’t go there.”

At this she started to cry.

“What will you like to say to the government of Pakistan?” the reporter asked.

“I  would request them to stop these people so that I can study for the country.”

This report was being seen by almost five million people of Pakistan including the Taliban.

“How dare she say this on television,”said one of them.

“We will have to do something about it,”said another.

The next part is that,.Malala Yousafzai was returning from school as usual when she heard shouts.Then suddenly there was a blast.She was attacked! Just because she had come on T.V.The blast was so strong that Malala went into comma and the doctors said that if she didn’t recover then she would die.The news was spread in the whole village and whole Pakistan.Soon the whole Pakistan was praying for her.Malala’s friends told that Malala said that it was her wish that the people of the village re-build the school. Everyone wanted to fulfil her wish.They remembered her sad face on T.V.When by the grace of Allah she recovered what she saw was a miracle.She saw that the people who had once been afraid of the Taliban, were making a school! She thanked Allah. Surely, your world is only that you create yourself.

This story is written by: Sunia a small Pakistani girl from United Kingdom