To let all of you know about this great news that the book about Malala we previously announced on this blog is published just today. The Book which is titled as "I am Malala" is a book covering all the story before 9 October, 2012 attack on Malala and the life story of Malala after that attack. The Book "I am Malala" is written with the help of Cristina Lamp a british journalist. This book is all about Malala's life and her story, so you can get it to read if you are in the UK right now. While, soon it will be available everywhere in the world. 

Here is the title of the Book: 
I am Malala Book title
The story in this book starts with a different scene, the book reveals a girl who likes "Ugly Betty" and the cooking show "Masterchef," worries about her clothes and her hair, but also has an iron determination that comes from experience beyond her 16 years.

Later on in the book, you will read about the story when Malala was coming back from school to home and when suddenly a gunman came to her bus and asked "Who is Malala among you?", at that moment Malala said, I didn't even observe that I'm being killed right at the moment. All whatever she did and faced before the attack and after the attack, that's included in this book. 

So, the story behind the scene is now available in a well shaped format called "book". The history has been written and will be available for all the people living in the world right now and for all those who are just soon coming to the world. We are happy on this occasion and expecting some great kind of feedback from your side.

Get your copy of "I am Malala" from here: 

Thank you very much for supporting and loving Malala and her struggles. Keep your spirit up!