Another achievement for Malala Yousafzai was that she met American President Barack Obama in white house. She was invited to visit White House and meet Barack Obama the president of the United States. Malala Yousafzai's meet up with Obama was one the great moments for Malala. She talked about the importance of education and the children striving for getting education in developing countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Africa. Here is the photo taken on that occasion: 

Obama and Malala
This Meetup took place in a very friendly environment. Michelle Obama and Obama's daughter Natasha were also present when Malala met the President. Malala gifted her signed book "I am Malala" to Obama's daughter Natasha and she was very happy having that gift by Malala. Michelle Obama also praised Malala and supported her for the cause she has been working on. 

A short video of that meetup is here: 

Moreover, Malala requested the US president to stop drone attacks inside South Waziristan, Malala realized, it might be possible that many of the terrorists were attacked by drones, but also many innocent killed in the drone attacks. Malala added, it would create more terrorists if the replacement for drone attacks was not implemented soon.