Another achievement for Malala Yousafzai, she was given the major women's rights and humans rights award "RAW in WAR". This award is an international award which is given to those people who have worked for human and women's rights in the year, And thus Malala was selected for this year's Award. The award ceremony took Place in London the capital of the United Kingdom. She was happy on that occasion and received the award with many best wishes for the future of the women around the world. 
malala awards
This award is given every year by RAW (Reach all Women) to a person who has ultimately worked for the humans and for the women's rights, and as all of you know, this year is of Malala. So she received this award as well. This Award was due to be presented by 104-year-old Sir Nicholas Winton, nicknamed the “British Schindler”, who in 1939 organized the rescue of 669 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

On the occasion, Malala said that she also wants to be like "Nicholas Winton". She said that her struggles for children rights and women rights in the developing countries will continue till her death. 

According to the Organization (RAW), Malala dared a lot in such a small age which could not be achieved by anyone else this year. Therefore we happily selected her for the award to be given to her. 

Now Everyone is waiting for the Nobel Prize by United Nations this year on 10th December, Malala is the favorite to obtain this year's Nobel Peace Prize as well.