Everyone is looking to hear the announcement of this year's Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The announcement will take place on 11th October, 2013 and Malala Yousafzai is one of the favorite nominees for this award. The announcement is taking place just after 2 days of the first anniversary of Malala Attack on 9th October, 2012. Malala herself said in a recent interview that, she doesn't deserve to receive this award, she added that, there are many other people in the world who worked for the peace and human rights more than her. While there was a petition signed by millions of people at change.org, and requesting for the Nobel Prize to be given to Malala Yousafzai in 2013. So it is a public demand for Malala and therefore, many of the Nobel Peace Prize specialists say that Malala is the favorite candidate for this award in 2013. 
Nobel Peace Award for Malala
Just one day left for the announcement of the winner for this year's Nobel Peace Prize which is one of the most famous award given by the NNC to a personality who worked globally for the Peace. 

Malala Yousafzai is on the top to receive this award because she is an international symbol of peace and a voice for the entire generation. Malala is a young girl and a student of school who worked hard back in 2008 to 2012 when the Taliban was ruling her region. She spoke openly about them and fight for getting the children and girls' rights back. Actually, Taliban banned girls from going to school, and she was a student at that time, thus her educational career also affected, so she wrote a diary for BBC on this cruelty. That diary was firstly published with a fake name "Gul Makai" and later on when peace restored in Swat, she appeared to be the girl who wrote that diary, she after that worked more openly for children rights in the region and in the province of KPK as well in all over Pakistan. 

On 9 October 2012, when she was coming back from her school to her home, there were 2 gun men who stopped the bus in the way and one of them asked the other girls in the bus; "Who is Malala among you?", and someone replied to them that Malala is this one, and he opened fire on Malala, Malala was fired 2 times to confirm that she has been killed. But its almost an amazing story that how Malala survived with the help of doctors and with prayers of all people in the world. 

Now she has fully recovered from the injury and living a happy life in the United Kingdom, while she has expressed to go back to her own country and serve the nation by working as a politician. But that is not the hottest story right now, because the hottest story is the Nobel Peace Prize, so here I stop and let's wait for the decision tomorrow by the NNC. I hope Malala will win this Award! And what do you think?