Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Malala Receives Europe's Biggest Human Rights Prize "Sakharov"

The news is that, Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban in the head has received another yet the biggest European human rights prize called "Sakharov" which is one of the major prizes got by many other international personalities such as South Africa's Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma, while Malala is the first Pakistani who got this prize. She is the youngest person who got this prize. 

The European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, presented the award to the 16-year-old activist who already got many awards in the past. Here is the picture of the moment when Malala got the award in Strasbourg, France today. 
Malala got Sakharov award
The teen girl was already nominated for "Nobel Peace Prize" this year, but she didn't not receive the Nobel Prize, however, she received many other international awards such as women of the year 2013 by Glamour, Women's rights award "Raw & War" and many more which we can't count. 

On the occasion the smart lady said that, it courges her more to have such great honors. She said, the importance of this prize is very closer to my heart because I am now in the row with Nelson Mandela, a great human activist. 

There are millions of girls across the world aren't eligible to join school due to different situations, there are girls who can't get higher education due to early marriages, there are girls who are threatened, there are girls who are tortured. Malala added. 

She moreover said, the powerful nations are not those who have weapons, guns and bombs, in her opinion the powerful nations are those who have educated society, human morals, education for everyone and equal rights for both genders female and male. 

The world and developed countries have to help Pakistan and other developing countries to increase the literacy rate and reduce the poverty which is the major reason why girls are not getting education, she added more.

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Ashi Ranathunga said...


you are the spirit of unspoken innocent girls....
You are their voice
You are their tutor
You are their dream
You are their future
You are their Sun & Moon
Rise through their skies of thousands of hopes
You are their Mom & Dad
Guide them to wisdom..
The next Benazir....

The dream of Pakistan...

கரந்தை ஜெயக்குமார் said...

Hellow Malala How are You. First of all I wish to introduce myself.
I am a Teacher. Maths teacher.
To day only i finished reading your Book,. I am Malala.
In the last hour of the school, I spoke to the girl students about yourself and about your fight for education. Congrats.
I am also a writer of Blog. But it is in my mother tongue Tamil.
I am goring to write a blog about your dedication towards girls education.
My blog address is
Wishing you all Success

Anonymous said...

Keep going strong dear:)

Anonymous said...

Go for it dear:)

Jan Yousufzai said...

Malala, I am very happy to know you.

SHEIKH Md. Nadim ahmed said...

You are the only proud of all girls and loving parents.

SHEIKH Md. Nadim ahmed said...

Rocking malala

mh ridoy said...

i love you.

mh ridoy said...

i love u malala.plz contact me:+8801823733985

Simi said...

Dear Malala, you deserve the prize and I congratulate you with all my heart. I have bought your book three days ago and you are such an inspiration. I will give it to my nieces, who are just about month and half older than you and often complain about school.

Little One said...

You are an inspiration to women an girls all over the world, Malala. Continue to stand in your in your truth and speak out against the injustices which the women of the world have been facing for far too long...the time is now for the Divine Feminine to make its rightful return to this good Earth. Thank you for leading the way and for blazing a trail. God bless you and protect you as you move forward in your journey, for you are a star...shine brightly.

shehryar anwer said...

She is good girl and very brave and her thought are like a diamond

Kourken Bedirian said...

With your miraculous survival and monumental courage,Malala,you are uplifting the human race to newer heights.

Kourken Bedirian said...

Wish you every success in your efforts.

alan oakley said...

Malala you are a warrior woman that can change the world. I worry about your safety so please take all the precautions you can. People like you are few in the world. Leaders like Ghandi, Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, The Dalai Llama, Mother Theresa, are all warriors for what they believe. Few have the bravery and power to humbly speak so loudly. You are a hero of mine....Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Well you deserve this prize. After all your drama was awesome. You are agent were agent and always remain one. You know who I'm talking about.

Janelles Espinosa said...

Hello Malala,

My name is Janelle Espinosa and I'm a grade 9 student. At a very young age, you've done so much for your country and fellow women who were banned from going to school. You were very brave for standing up for your rights and voicing out your opinions. Not everyone could do what you did but you've done it without hesitations and fears. Please continue on inspiring people around the world. I wish you the best for your life, God bless you :)

-Janelle Espinosa

Valérie Galleri said...

Congratulations Malala, you show us the way of courage
Your are the voice of women's freedom

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