The brave girl Malala Yousafzai has met and reunited with her school's best friends Shazia and Kainat, they both also affected in the attack back in 2012 when Malala was attempted to assassinate. Both of the girls were sitting next to Malala in the school bus when they were attacked in Swat. Shazia and Kainat got injured in the attack too and survived after the initial treatment in Pakistan, but they got threats from the militants and some people who hated Malala. Therefore, they and their families also moved to the United Kingdom. And recently reunited with Malala during a visit to Scotland. 

Malala Yousafzai with friends
In the above picture Malala in the middle, Kainat at left and Shazia at right are busy in constructing/building a school model.

Said Malala later on that she is more happy than ever after meeting her school's friends again, even she was not that happy meeting Obama as she is happy meeting her classmates.

Malala is now fighting for the children and women of the world, and she wants to start visiting developing countries soon in order to see how can she help the children to get education which is very important to Malala.