Friday, November 15, 2013

Malala Yousafzai is selected as the Glamour Women of the year 2013

Malala Yousafzai the girl shot by Taliban back in 2012 has been selected as the woman of the Year 2013 by Glamour magazine. After the announcement she was given the award of the woman of the year in NY, USA just on 13th November, 2013. She traveled herself with her father Ziauddin Yousafzai to receive the award in New York. She was very happy on that occasion in New York and also gave some interviews to different TV channels. She again reminded that, she is not afraid of anyone to get her education. And she added, she would work for the children around to world to help them getting education. She won't leave anyone helpless, she added.

Malala at Glamour Award of the year
Malala as a glamour women of the year
She would continue her education, and would work for other girls in developing countries who are not capable to get their education. Therefore, she has established "Malala Fund" to help millions of girls around the world. And you can also contribute to that fund if you want to be the part of the cause. 

She got what she deserved and with all of your support, We hope she'll get succeed in her mission to educate every girl in the world. 

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Kazuhiro Uozumi said...

It is no doubt that you deserve this prize and I am very proud of being your strong supporter based in Japan. Please be safe and take care of yourself.

Zaid masood khan said...

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SHEIKH Md. Nadim ahmed said...

Only you deserve this. And you must have to achive such rewards. God bless you.

mh ridoy said...

you are very nice malala.i love u.

Maddy H said...

Hey Malala, I admire your independence and only wish you the best. Do you speak at schools? If so you should come visit my school in Hampstead New Hampshire! We only wish that my class and I could meet you in person and learn more about you. You stood up in what you believed in and you got back what was rightfully yours. I believe you are the bravest girl on Earth. YOU deserve the rewards you have been given.
If you read this please write back, Love Maddy

yeshe Dorjee Thongchi thongchi said...

Dear Malala,
May Allah bestow all his blessings to you for the cause for which you are standing and a long life to fulfill all your dreams to make this world abode of peace where every body can have freedom to have education, the biggest and most precious weapon. I belong to India, from a state called Arunachal Pradesh, which means the land of rising sun. It is beautiful like your Swat valley at the eastern most part of Himalaya range. Recently i finished reading your Autobiography and I feel that it should be read by every person of world. So I wanted to translate same into Assamese language having about few million readers all over world and the proceeds that will acrue from the sale of the book will be deposited to the fund that has come in your name so that it can be a little contribution for the cause you are committed for. Hope you will give me permission to translate it and get published from reputed publication house. I am also a reputed writer of India and a buddhist by religion and liked when you wrote proudly about buddhist relics strewn around swat valley.

Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

Gangambike S said...

Hi Malala
I am very proud of you for the work you are doing. You are a very strong girl and I hope your message and struggle will inspire many more girls to take up the path of struggle. I wish I had a daughter like you. No problem, I consider you as my daughter.
We are also helping students but compared to your struggle ours is very easy here in India.
Take care of yourself.

Gangambike S said...

Dear Malala
I am very proud of you. Your struggle is an inspiration to women all over the world. Though we too help students but compared to your struggle it is very easy for us here. Hope your struggle will be strengthened everywhere and all of us are with you.
I feel I should have had a daughter like you.
Anyway no problem. You are like my daughter. Take care
I dont know in what way I can help you in your struggle but here we are trying to encourage girls to go for education and take up jobs.
All the best

Anonymous said...

does anyonone know how i could contact mala personally?

Anonymous said...

Why have you not spoke up gor Ft Affia sadiqui

Shazia Hyder said...

Dear Malala my 11 years daughter who thought that you are an hero is raising money for palestine children by making bracelets, she is keep asking me where is Malala, she saw you on TV in Nigeria but now when Palestinian Children has been killed by Israel IDF not even a word from you.... Noushad from USA

Anonymous said...

She should be talking about how Islam is very evil religion and why all muslims should convert to a different religion. If she won't do that, I think she is a hypocrite and needs to be shot again.

Mae Jackson said...

Hello Malala,
My name is Janelle Espinosa and I'm a grade 9 student. At a very young age, you've done so much for your country and fellow women who were banned from going to school. You were very brave for standing up for your rights and voicing out your opinions. Not everyone could do what you did but you've done it without hesitations and fears. Please continue on inspiring people around the world. I wish you the best for your life, God bless you :)

Anonymous said...

What's is mala's practical achievement? Till today none except making her life better is there any? Did she change even one girl's or kids life?

Jeba Qpt said...

inspiring girl to all.May God will always be with you.
"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."
Malala Quotes

Anonymous said...

Hi Malala , congratulations on you receiving the Noble Peace Award . I am however disappointed that you wish to invite the Pakistani PM for the ceremony and not the British PM . After all it is the UK that has provided you and your family with a safe place to stay . I hope that you would reconsider your decision .

Anonymous said...

Es ist wirklich bewundernswert was sie durchgemacht haben

saeed alavi said...

when the entire world using the real and devil weapons for establishing their own ideas, you could do it differently through education, that is braveness..hi sister... you are in right way.. keep going..

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