The heart of millions of people "Malala" has finally won the Nobel Peace Prize in the youngest age in the history, She made history this time. Malala was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 but She did not succeed last year. In 2014, She and Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi won the award jointly. However, Malala has become the youngest person among the people who have been honored with this award. She accepted the award and dedicated it to the young girls and women who are still far from the schools & education.
Here is the catch!

Malala - the youngest human activist in the world who has been struggling for her own and other girls' education since the age of 9 years, She has been awarded many big awards such as:
She has been in the hearts of millions of people around the world, and the #love and #respect people has shown for #Malala in the previous month has made her the most great person of this decade.

Malala Pictures & Video on Nobel Peace Prize 

After wining the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala's statement was very impressive as always and she delivered her statement in three languages, because she belongs to Pakistan, so Urdu language is the national language of Pakistan and Pashto is her mother tongue, She first spoke in English then in Urdu and in last she spoke in Pashto. Here is the English speech for you to watch: 

So much inspirational speech by Malala, now here are some pictures from the occasion:

And this was the story about the Peace Prize for Malala, stay tuned for more updates about Malala and do post your love and respect for Malala Yousafzai in the comments.