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Carol Arevalo said...

I want to get info about Malala

Ella S said...

Dear Malala, I've been following your life story on the BBC even before the shooting incident. You're a great girl, a wonderful human being. God is with you on your mission. I just wanted to say that I admire you, your courage and strength tremendously. Be sure that you have fans in Brazil. I'm one of them. Love, Marcella Salomao

Saher Shahid said...

A Mother's Plea to help for saving her kids
My name is Saher Zubair. My husband Shahid and I live in Pakistan and are parents to three beautiful and amazing children––Nida, 14; Ahmad, 12; and our youngest Eman, 7. Once we too were a happy, content family like most are. Yes, we were not rich but we had good health and love and that was enough, until Muscular Dystrophy (MD) afflicted our three children and took our joy away from us.
MD is a rare genetic disorder that is severely disabling, and sometimes life threatening. Our children were perfectly healthy until they got this disease which causes severe muscular wasting. It has left the two older children––Nida and Ahmad paralyzed from waist down with the youngest headed in the same direction. The smallest of task, even moving, has become a challenge for these once active and energetic kids.
As you can tell by the video, we were unable to secure funding in time to take the children to Dallas Children's Hospital for their appointment at the time. Now I am trying to raise enough money to take the children to research hospitals in U.S. or U.K. that are more equipped to handle such cases and those that are working on groundbreaking clinical trials for Muscular Dystrophy.

While the doctors in Pakistan are convinced that the children have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), the Singapore National Health Sciences Hospital diagnosed them as suffering from “some problem similar to Limb girdle muscular dystrophy.” We need a complete and thorough examination of the children to get an accurate diagnosis so that a course of treatment and management can be planned accordingly. The prognosis for Duchenne muscular dystrophy is not good. We refuse to accept that death sentence for our children.
In Pakistan, we have been unable to find proper diagnosis, cure, or treatment for our children. For instance, the diagnostic facility in Pakistan only offers CPK blood test, while CPK MB AND CPK BB are more accurate to classify the nature of NMD. Unfortunately, no lab in Pakistan has this facility. We know that at present time, proper management is the best treatment that is offered for MD that has no known cure. Unfortunately, we don’t even have access to that.
The Singapore National Health Sciences Hospital advised us to get molecular genetics testing done from U.K. or U.S. since the children could benefit from latest research studies being conducted there. Learn more about the latest research on MD.
Financial Hardship

We are a one-income family living in a rental apartment.
We are hoping to take our children to U.S. or U.K. to get a detailed genetic consultation, physiotherapy assessment, and to have them participate in Exon skipping plan based on results of biopsy for genes molecular diagnosis and its management. We are also looking into getting Scoliosis surgery for Nida which is very costly (between £100,000-£120,000). We will have to cover their airfare as well as boarding and lodging.
For now, the requested amount will only cover a small portion of the expenses facing these children. We are starting with a humble goal. Please help us meet the challenges we are facing.
1- No personel home
2- Specialized treatment for kids at abroad
3- Living allowance for kids
Learn more at
Please contact us We can be reached or call us at 0092-300-8424479.

pokettiger said...

Greetings to Malala,

A song was written in honor of Malala by the American band called Gypsy Soul. Lead singer and songwriter Cilette Swan says that is was Malala that inspired her writing the song called "You." They are masteful musicians and Cilette has a stunning voice and such a soulful loving heart the shines through in this song. If Malala has not yet heard this song I think it will be moving for her to do so.

Michelle Fairchild

Here is a link to the band's web site:

Here is a link to where you can listen to the song on their web site - just scroll down to "You".

Here also are the lyrics that the artist shared with me prior to the song being released on their latest album called The World Is My Country.

You've known HEARTACHE
You've felt PAIN
you shouldn’t SUFFER in VAIN

while WARS still RAGE

For YOU’RE A wonderous
in your HEART
THAN the YEARS in your YOUTH

a MIND burning BRIGHT

What kind of WORLD would DENY a CHILD
With hope & Promise, so FILLED w/ PRIDE
WE’RE all wonderous BEAMS of LIGHT –
All You’ve Gotta KNOW in THIS LIFE

SOLO - 4 bar solo

You’re GRACE under FIRE
who could STAND in your WAY
you've ETCHED the path

What kind of WORLD
would DENY a CHILD
WE’RE all wonderous BEAMS of LIGHT –
All You’ve Gotta KNOW in THIS LIFE

sandeep gupta said...

Dear Mr,
...ur doing such great job ..ur assistance helping a lot to the people... i am sandeep gupta from mumbai maharastra...we want to invite malala as chief guest ,,,its huge event ...which is going to held in mumbai...

Marco Aurélio f Silva said...

Malala voce é a força das crianças jovens e todas as pessoas com bondade no coração e vontade de fazer o bem, parabens pelo seu dia.

Anonymous said...

Have a good birthday Dear Malala;Thanks for all the children in the world

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala, Happy Birthday, Thank you for your speech today at the United Nations. Because of you, I and many other children are realizing just how important our education is, and that we should not take this for granted. I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope you are feeling better now, and that you are enjoying your birthday! You are my hero!

Love, Anastacia, age 8, USA
age 8

A friend of yours, Anastacia

Age 8

Charlotte Medina said...

Hi. My name is Charlotte, from Dubai. I would like to know if we can possibly invite Ms. Malala Yousafza on our WOIBEX 2014 Conference. Please see the link for details. I can be contacted at I would appreciate it much if you can email me her contact details or any other means to get in touch with her. Thank you very much.

Sushil Achamwad said...

Hello Sir, I am Sushil Achamwad ,IIT Bombay,Mumbai,India.We would like to invite Ms Mala la Yousufzai to be a keynote speaker at our annual College festival,which had more than one lakh attendees last year and also currently Asia's Largest College Festival.If possible please send Ms Malala's email adress or any othe contact details on can know more about our festival at
Thank you very much.

devaraj arasu said...

i am bigg hopper of yours malala

Glen Gordon said...

If I live in Birmingham, what is the best way to contact her? Can I visit her in person at a specific place in town?

Anonymous said...

My dear Malala how are you and please send me your email address to me on my ID, thanks

AHM said...

Malala, I am so happy that you made a full recovery. Please continue your work. You are an inspiration and a hero for women's rights. I hope one day that I can meet you and help you with your work. If you are ever in Washington, D.C., I hope you let your Facebook fans know.

Shravan Kumar said...

I just heard about you in past but didn't had interest to see/read about you. But today i suddenly came across your blog and got some sudden stimuli and at last today i read about you and got to know the work you doing.

Hats off MALALA, you are one of the bravest human i saw, supporting your initiative and would love to involve in the activity in all means from INDIA to achieve your goal....

All The Best

Shrava Kumar

Sarang Abbasi said...

I have sent a poem in the content e mail.

Hope you can have a look at it. Thanks

Sarang Abbasi

muhammed labeeb said...

haiiiiiiiiiii malala.... i'am muhammed labeeb ..
from INDIA.(keralam) you are a great.... i'am pround of youuuuuuu... realy i love youuuuuuuuuu... by ...

Anonymous said...

I love you Malala and I respect you beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

On the eve of 67th Indian Independence Day!

Amidst celebration and cheers,

I sense misery, anxiety and fear,

At 'stroke of midnight' we raised our flag high,

Emerged a country from shadows of its past, into a future which looked bright,

Sixty-seven years have passed since then,

Alas! Many of us still remain chained,

Caged and tied, I feel; under the burden of false pride,

Prejudices have scarred much of my life, snatched from me even little joys of life,

Afraid I feel to walk with my head held high, treading on green grass and enjoying nature's sights,

Strange looks and stares make me tremble, comments and sarcasm I receive in abundance,

Family, friends and foes alike, I am the sore of everybody's eye,

Success and fame are not for me, I am only made for matrimony,

To be a wife and mother of a child, are the only sources of my gratification,

Education and intellect are distant aims, for I am confined to the kitchen!

With eyes cast down and voice so low, my body and heart have borne severe blows,

'Every man is born free' but not a woman,

The land may be accessible but we are still under subjugation,

Our masters have taken different names since generations,

Their condemnations and accusations have always crushed our aspirations,

My spirit enslaved, my dreams snatched, my flight restricted and choked are my ambitions,

I am a subject of desire or despise, never taken seriously, always deprived,

But now I have vowed not to surrender, my undying courage will make them tremble,

Freedom is never given as a gift, it is won through conflicts and rifts,

Snatch with love but not with force, I will win with my conviction and you will lose even with your sword,

But till then there is no elation, as we are busy in preparation,

Battles are many, hard and long, but will to win is very strong,

My destiny, only I will write, and it will be one day, glorious and bright!

Then will ensue feasting and jubilation, how sweet will be the taste of liberation!

- Twisha

Samra Soliman said...

Dear Malala & team

CARE is educating underprivileged children in Pakistan for as little as £1 per month per child. The charity was founded by Bareeze owner Seema Aziz and we have been adopting failing government schools since 1988.

Our model is successful and our goal is to educate 1 million children in the next few years.

We would love to work together and help each other in making our causes a reality and creating a bigger impact on Pakistan's education system.

We are all working towards the same goals and together we could make a big different. There are many ways we could work and campaign together and i do hope your team will get in touch to discuss further.

Samra Soliman | Head of Development | | | Spirella House | 266-270 Regent Street | London | W1B 3AH | t. 0300 555 9222

Anonymous said...

There are a few questions i wish to ask if anyone can answer them for me !!!
of all the countries between the UK and Pakistan why it was a Birmingham hospital where Malala was treated when there are many more hospitals better equipped with a health service far less streched than ours so who paid for this treatment not the already oppressed British tax payer surely.......
How many of her family members have come here with her and who is paying for that?
Do they have any plans to return home if not why?
If they remain in the UK will they be going through the same nightmare as myself an my wife with immigration and the exorbitant fees that i am having to pay the UK border agency for my wife to remain in MY country.......

Wali Khan said...

Hello above "Annonymous", you should not compare yourself with Malala and her family because she is an celebrity and has worked a lot for the humans and women's rights in the past and she was attacked in very small age, therefore, the world wants to help her. So if you did the same, you'd also be rewarded, but you are just begging here by comparing yourself with Malala. Which isn't a fair business. Thanks

Olivia Leavitt said...

Dear Malala,
This morning I was reading a local paper that included a story about you. I am intrigued by the amazing bravery you had. I am a girl and going into the United States Navy. You are an inspiration for me now. I have gone through abuse most of my life and have always thought things could be better. Now that I have my life turned around and looking back at it, I think, "Things were hard for me, but I have never gone through what she went through" I know it sounds strange but I am proud to have found out about you. I don't watch news much because of all the propaganda, so this amazed me when I read about you. You show that girls as well as women can do amazing things just as men, and that through courage, you can make something of yourself. Thank you for making a wave shock the world with eyes on human rights. Women are human so we deserve to be treated like it.
Thank you so so much for all you do and I send my support and prayers.
Olivia S. Leavitt
Age: 19

Anonymous said...

Hi Malaga. I am a 66 year old American white middle class white mother of two children. Feminist since 1968. You are amazing milawa. your courage brings me to tears there is hope for all girls and women because of of you. Let all women rise to your strength you are an inspiration to all who are not treated equally.

Anonymous said...

Big deal: you got shot. So what? Get back to living a normal life. Stop wasting money on on all of this. Do you know how many people were and are in a worse state than you?
Good charity work, but otherwise get back to the real world, where no campaigning in this form will have any impact on REALITY.

Friends and Foes Dialogue said...

قوموں کی عزت تم سے ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔جگ جگ جیو ملالہ

Par Amlani said...

Malala beta:
Don't EVER stop from being who you are. Proud does not do justice in what I feel when I see you speak your mind but from your heart and soul.. You bring tears to my eyes, not of sorrow but of absolute joy that a beautiful young lady like you has finally brought the plight of women, the poor, the children, the enslaved, the forgotten and the disenfranchised to the fore. I hope to meet you one day, because people like you appear once every lifetime. Hold on to your message and do not let the evil side of fame get to you - continue to fight for what you believe for those those that you fight for need you to stand up for them.
God bless you and your family.

LUCÍDIO said...

I would like to express my deep admiration about Malala's commitment with women education rights. I found out about her activism this month due to a college work that I’m involved in, which searches about Taliban.
I didn’t know Taliban before starting this academic work, I got very shocked about their violence, cruelty and disrespect with human rights. But got so glad and surprised to know about Malala who is a very brave young girl that had the courage to challenge Taliban, by fighting for education rights in Pakistan.
I think that she’s playing a very important role for human social rights and gender equality, not only Pakistan but the whole world can benefit and get inspired by her courage and social engagement.

Lucídio Sousa.

Anila Vanilla said...

Hi Malala!
I hope you see this, because I feel like there is something I need to let out to you, that i want you to just read from my words, to understand that wants to understand you, for who you are. After watching a whole show of 20/20 on you I am left speechless. Your hard work and determination has lead so many people to fulfill their dreams. You have shown this world, this society that it is capable of being changed, all you have to do is speak out! I want you to know that you have so many people's respects, and though there are others that are out there with closed minds, you have one of the most open ones that I have ever heard of. Your voice and your thoughts are so powerful, be who you are and show everyone that you know what this world needs. Change it, and don't ever hesitate in doing so. You astound me and I hope some day I will be granted with the wish of meeting you, because there is something inside you that I feel that not enough people have, something I have waited so long to see in someone. You are open, and just with that characteristic you have changed the lives of so many, and changed the way education is run in half of the world. Thank you for helping so many people out, and thank you for showing me that it is possible for people our age, scratch that, GIRLS our age have a say, and that we always will! May God continue to always stand by and guide you.
Anila P. Yoganathan

Anonymous said...


wasimakram khan said...

maulaye karim tarakki ata farmaye

Francoleon Dollarhyde said...

Greetings Miss Yousafzai.
I admire Your vision, and share the same hope for the future.
I am a 38 year old man, and I have to say, I hope woman all over the world, claim the rights for something BETTER.
Your ambitions, and vision for better education and rights for young and all woamn is something I agree with on a HUGE level.
I am also grateful your still alive, and amongst us all.
The world needs woman like you, Miss Yousafzai.
I hope we could one day talk for real, and share an equel vision to change theis world, for the better.
Please be safe, and take good care of your self.
Lots of love and happyness.

May Allah be with You.

Francoleon Dollarhyde

Anonymous said...

I just wish to meet her one day..Such an inspiration..!!! Long Live Malala!!!
Greetings from India.

Slade Suiter said...

Your, your courage and your words have reached my heart Malala. I hope you accept my invitation to be a guest on my show. It is international, about the Freedom to Express who you truly are.
Peace to you my sister,
Slade Suiter

Elzear said...


I am 63 and like most of the world I congratulate you for your achievements and hope that your dreams become reality. But this is not the reason for my writing. In your book, you often mention that Islam does not forbid knowledge nor political (at least that is what I call them) assassinations. And I believe you. I believe that all religions preach the same message, albeit in their own way, of understanding, tolerance, peace and togetherness. If it was the contrary, there would be no sense to life. What I cannot understand is why there are no Imams capable of preaching this true -and thus good- Islam AND issue fatwas condemning all this killing in the name of religion ? Why is it that madrasas only teach extreme -and distorted- islamic principles? And to a worldly extent why is that when some natural disaster happens in the world (irrespective of the religious belifs of that area) we never get to hear about help provided by those countries where Islam rules? Some of those countries are among the richest in the world, yet, what do they do to improve the lives of those in need -anywhere in the world? Sure the emir of the UAE lent his plane to evacuate you to England, sure Emirates Airlne asks for donations on board their aircrafts for their project mainly in Bengladesh. But overall they have very little respect for human life, let alone Life itself. Qatar is the latest example of the way it treats its foreign workers. What is the problem with Islam that it can not shine as it should but instead makes itself perceived as a dangerous, even criminal, power? How can this be changed?

iram begum said...

Assalamu Alaikum my dear islamic sister I hope you and your family are in the best of health I appreciate this is a very short notice however I have great honour in informing you that my son is turning 1 on sunday and I am holding a birthday party and I would be most greatful if you and your family could attend please contact me at to confirm your attendance jazak allahkhair

Anonymous said...

Malalah you have inspired so many people around the world. I have been following you on youtube and news channels. You are definitely my hero. I hope and pray that you continue to achieve your dreams and may the force of the universe be with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala, our high school sophomore English class in North Dakota, USA, is inspired by your heroism and bravery. We have realized the significance of what has happened to you and your family. The fact that you were attacked by the Taliban but kept fighting for what you believe in is eye-opening to us. You have helped our class understand how important education is. We are better people because of your sacrifice. Thank you for showing us how to stand up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Malala is very inspiring. I'm doing my history fair project on her.

namita said...

Hi there Malala,

I am Namita Bhusal and I am from Nepal but I live in New Zealand now, here at school we have to do this project on social justice on any topic you like so i chose to do it on education given to girls around the world especially Asia. i am also inspired by what you have done to get education. i will be honored if you will please answer some of my questions for my project.

Why did the Taliban's think that girls should not be educated?
What do you think that education is from your view? and the importance of education
What was going on your mind when you were shot by one of the Talibans
How would you help them make them make it right with the people of Pakistan?
what gave you the courage to stand up to your religion?


asselam u alakum¡Centiures ago there is no hero in the west northern of barazaheer pak wa hind,to become honour for really devolepment of NWFP or KHABIR PUKHTOON KHWAA,in every part of life style,if there is some one stand for this purpose,this would also the defatible result for those who involve in thus mission,morever i am too till in this mission to change the life style of pushtoon,and make them heroo of the world in issue of peace,who is pushatoons,it is not too difficuilt to say,bit we are by oversilves show that we are too bad,in reallity the pushtoon is the honour nation in the world,but some people use them on wrong way,and this is because we are behind in the feild of education,who is the todays pushtoon,it will too difficuilt to say because they are not togather as well as they in past,but still there is too many heros in kpk now,i am also 19 years M.NISAR the founder of youth oregenization AWARNESS MOVEMENT and the student of ssc from kpk,and i know one day we will be become a honour nation in worldwide,because our mission to ensure that pushtoons is peace full nation and never add anymore terrirst in kpk,we go out from our houses to show that pakistani and pushtoon are not against the peace,infact they are also the dreamer of peace full world,we belive that in this world every living is for just a limmited time,therefor we should resfect to others,and keep tight eyes on the rights of every one,so this is the criteria of M.NISAR KHAN and members of AWARNESS MOVEMENT too,be kindly forward my words to malala.
My email adress is

Lionel Beck said...

There are a couple of anonymous posts on here that are disgusting. I strongly believe that anonymous posts should not be allowed.

Malala, I have just finished reading your book "I am Malala". Your book educates, angers, and inspires, in equal measure. You have a sharp brain and a beautiful face - a winning combination, surely! As I read your account I suffered with your father, as I myself lost my own daughter (at age 19) many years ago. I am happy for him and for you.

If you don't finish up as Prime Minister of Pakistan I want to know the reason why! x

anu said...

i am working on a project on women(girl) education in India... focusing mainly on poor girls.
i would be really pleased to interview her ...even a video chat will do.
please reply if this is possible ....Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello can anybody tell me the Greatness of malala? I didn't find any greatness in what i've read. Please don't refer "I am malala" Book. Because everybody write their autobiography as great story. and Can any one tell What malala did for girls education or I mean how was she fight for education? Please don' tell about her speeches at UN or somewhere.
Thanks....If any body reply.....
And my sincere thanks to all Readers " Please Don't Praise any body for their works, If you are really interested in that work just do that". Because mother teresa said "Helping hands are better than Praying lips". So Help to at least 3 students for their education.

Anonymous said...

Hi Malala,
We are third year students studying for a degree in Early Childhood Studies. In one of our modules this year we are doing a presentation in front of our year group on the education and health systems internationally. Our chosen country is Pakistan. We have watched many documentaries on your bravery in Pakistan as well as having read your book ' I am Malala'. We feel inspired from this and would like to ask you if there are any experiences you could share with us to enhance our knowledge. We thank you for being an admirable role-model for women in todays society.


i love you malala .pls contact me;+8801823733985

sabir yousafzai said...

Hye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, malala how r u and i just wanted to meet u iam your pine.


sabir yousafzai said...

hye malala jan

sabir yousafzai said...

Hye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, malala how r u and i just wanted to meet u iam your pine.




I'm interested in securing a speaking engagement with you in 2014 I would first need to get you availability and price quote when time permits! Thank you Blessings

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read Malala's book. I think Malala's message is that she is a single representative for the multitudes who have no voice. There are millions of stories like hers' and she should take every advantage and opportunity to get the message across about education for girls. She does not mince her words and even criticized President Obama to his face for drone strikes in Pakistan. Way to go girl! God saved you for a reason. You are my hero!

sadaf siminpour said...

hi dear Malala .how are you?i'm sadaf .im iranian .im proud of you.can you send your Email ID to my email?
my email(

Inzimam ulhaq said...

Malala keep it up we are with you... me from pakistan

Robert Yunus said...

Thank you, Malala, for attempting to eradicate the dangerous tradition of only males receiving education. To quote a comic strip-- "Tradition is the reason for doing something you can no longer think of a reason for doing." Keep it up.
Oh, and can you send your Email ID to my email ( Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Malala in my history class we have been learning about you and we are all so inspired about you, we are even putting up posters about you all around our school. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi malala i am a big fan:) In school i am writing about you. Can you maybe give me your phone number on the email:
I am a Little bit like you. My aunt Fawzia koofi is fighting for womens right and childrens education in Afghanistan. i would like to get your phone number because i have some question to you:) Hope that you will read this comment)
And im glad to see that you are okay after the taliban shot you.
Best Regards
Koofi From denmark:)

saeder jones said...

Dear Malala,
Hi my name is Sadie and I am from Chicago. Thank you for being very brave and standing up for girls education. It takes a real amazing girl to stand up to Taliban for what you believe in. You are a inspiration to the whole world including me. I learned about you in school. At first when I read the story I was amazed that a girl had all the courage to stand up to the Taliban. So I wanted to learn more I went home and looked up your name and I read different stories about you. There was one thing I kept on thinking over and over in my head. Wow that is a unbelievable girl. And I support her. Forget about the people who are trying to slow you down you are doing the right thing.
- Sadie

Pankaj Sharma said...

hi Malala you are a Brave girl i love you

Thomas Ribeiro said...

Dear Malala Yousafzai,

My name is Thomas Ribeiro and I am currently a 12 year old secondary 2 student, attending Mother Teresa Junior High School in Laval, Québec. I am writing this letter to you because I would like to express my feelings about your inspirational and ambitious acts for the rights to educate women around the world. These acts have without a doubt, impacted many lives. The importance you put on education, your dedication and the pursuit of equal educational rights and your strong character are three major factors that have impacted my life and the lives of many.

I believe that education is a vital key that has the potential to unlock the great wonders of the world. Education is a fundamental tool that every human being should have the opportunity to attend without restrictions. Education has allowed me to move forward as I embark on an unforgettable journey. Malala, I strongly believe that education shapes the great minds and the great hearts of the world that help society bloom. Education has instilled in me vital morals and necessary tools in order to pursue my dreams in life. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone in the world, for many individuals do not have access to schooling or a proper education. A child without education is like a bee with no flowers; hopeless and lifeless.

Malala, as a young adolescent, you have stood up for what is right; equality for education. Your courageous acts for the rights of women to education have impacted and unconsciously allowed people to believe in this right. You have inspired me in so many ways and have made me realise the bitterness and injustice in the world. Your acts bring us closer to the possibility of living in a more equal and educated society. I do believe in what you stand for and I strongly hope that by the year 2015, all children worldwide will have access to education and will bloom to become educated and knowledgeable learners. You have given many people a tool that is extremely vital; one that can overcome hatred, inequality and injustice. Hope, what we all need in life.

In this world, there is so much misery, greed and prejudice and not enough love, peace, justice and equality. You are indeed a courageous Pakistani school pupil and education activist. You stood up to the negativity in the world and fought back. You showed people across the world that we should not stand in despair, but be courageous and live a life filled with ambitions and hope. You possess a rich and strong character and a powerful voice that you have kept despite the hurdles you have confronted; that is the definition of a true hero. I believe that we should never give up even when we face the toughest hardships in life. When life knocks us down, we must never lay in despair, but fight our way up into the light.

Malala, I strongly believe that your acts and opinions have made a difference in the world, leaving a legacy that will remain unforgotten and dear in my heart. The importance you put on education, your dedication to the right of education for all and your strong and rich character are all exceptional and inspirational qualities that have helped me to successfully pursue my dreams.


Thomas Ribeiro

Avina Ashok said...

you are really an inspiration for all.

Anonymous said...

Malala is one of the best Person i ever seen. She makes the world diffrently. Look at her, she was only 11 as she beginned her fight for human and children's rights. I could write so much about her. In my room i have all her books, and i had made an own fan book. Every fact every second of her live, is in this book. I really love her. She is so awesome. No one else would be like her. I don't want to write a lot, because i think everybody knows which beatiful and good Person she is. So a lot of Luck Malala. I hope you would understand everythink. I'm 15 and i comed from Germany, which the reason is for my not also good englisch. But you see. Everywhere in the world she gots fans and also in the same Age. A lot of luck in the fight for the rights. in my head i fight with you

arlyne salvato said...

Dear Malala,
My name is Arlyne Salvato. I am a second grade teacher at the Sokolowski School in Chelsea Massachusetts. Recently, my students teamed up with the fourth graders to write you letters about your cause. Several of our students have families that came to America from third world countries to escape unjust laws around education, work environments and the right to worship as they wish. My students have been learning about your efforts for quality education for women and girls and wanted to write to you in hopes that you would respond. We are looking for a mailing address to send our letters. Thank you for your time.
Ms. Salvato

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala Yousufzai
I live near Birmingham and long to see you but I am afraid it will not happen. I am a young female who is pushtoon, as are you. May allah put one spark of the blazing fire in your heart into everyones hearts and insha’allah that spark will turn into a flame and that flame into a fire. A fire of desire and ambition. You are succeeding because you were willing to do what, shamefully, even I am afraid to do. You are not shackled by fear insecurity or doubt. I pray for you and your family. I pray that one day you return to swaat valley, as will I, and you will be happy. With a smile on your face. You are my role model and I hope you take the time to read my message, despite your busy life and inshallah I will get back to you.


Beca said...

Good morning,

I would like to contact Malala regarding the Atlantic School for Young Leaders, please could you let me know the best way to contact her, or forward my request to the relevant person.
Thank you and in peace,

Isabella Stewart said...

Dearest Malala,

Your strength is inspiring. I wish there were words to express the amount of courage you have. For those who say that you should go back to reality, should realize that it is really they who are trying to avoid reality. They are afraid of you and the change that you will and have been making in this world. We must unite and Join your team to give girls education more attention.

Isabella Stewart said...

Dearest Malala,

Your strength is inspiring. I wish there were words to express the amount of courage you have. For those who say that you should go back to reality, should realize that it is really they who are trying to avoid reality. They are afraid of you and the change that you will and have been making in this world. We must unite and Join your team to give girls education more attention. I would like to offer my service to help run this blog with you or do anything else required if my help is needed. You are a leader just as I am willing to become one, I am a 13 year old living in New York. Just as there are other kids in Dubai and other places willing to help, the unity that you have brought to young children has inspired me completely. You can contact me at

Anonymous said...

I saw a lot of profiles of the brave little girl, Malala. I would like to know which one(s) are genuine (actually her's) ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Malala,

I am Nikhil, from India. You are a brave child. I have tried to find you on facebook, but couldn't identify your genuine page; as there are about 100 profiles in your name.

I do belong to a hostile country. But you are a global hero and beyond nation boundaries. Moreover, hostility is politics driven; at humanity level all of us are children of same God.

Dear Child, It would be my pleasure to have words with you.
May God bless you.


Qaiser Nawab said...

MalaLa The Great. (Y)

Anonymous said...

I am not interested about any news related to malala. Shes all fake made up drama queen. Not everyone is fool to understand these games and plans.

sundar said...

Dear Malala,
I am Sabareesh and a rising sixth grader. I was inspired by Mary Beth Tinker who gave a speech in the leadership camp that I attended. After that, I want to create an Organization to eradicate Child labor in the world. I am in the process of creating a website Operation CLONE (Child Labor Out Now and Ever). I know I have to start somewhere, so I better start it NOW. I saw you giving a speech in Nigeria on "Malala Day". I want not only the girl child but all the children in the world get their basic need of Education and Freedom. My aim is simple- I want to leave this place a better place than what I found.

I will be honored if you can pitch in your thoughts and things that I need to work on before jumping into this big ocean. Can I expect your valuable thought in this email:

zahoor hadi said...

Hi malala plzz call me 646 331 1615 I am come. From quetta I have no money Now I live in new york plzz call me

zahoor hadi said...

Hi malala plzz call me 646 331 1615 I am come from quetta I have no money Now I live in new york plzz call me

zahoor hadi said...

Hi malala plzz call me 646 331 1615 I am come from quetta I have no money Now I live in new york plzz call me

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala

Just Thankyou!

Patrick Hansen said...

Congratulations for the Nobelprize ! All the best for your future !

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala,

You are amazing and I am so proud you honored women today, showing that fear is useless and that it is possible to fight obscurantism.

I am a 32 year old Moroccan muslim lady living in Geneva, the world capital of peace. Recently, I created #INCHALLAPEACE, a jewelry brand aiming at contributing to a modern, tolerant and peaceful image of Islam. Part of the margins will be donated to the UNESCO, as I also defend education and peace via this project.

I would be so happy and pleased and thankful if I could offer you my first creation : the Allah Dove Of Peace. If you accept my gift, would you accept to send me an address so that I can send you this jewelry via mail?

I thank you from the deep of my heart for existing and fighting for education and peace.

With all my admiration and respect,
The founder of #INCHALLAPEACE

Anonymous said...

Mazeltov on winning the Nobel Peace Prize Malala. You deserve it.

Nasir Khan said...

beta this a request from a needy father i want my daughter to go for higher education instead of getting married to illietrate family member,she has done A level education from NIXOR college in karachi . she is only 19 yrs old and it her right to go for further education provide UK government help me to pay less money instead the regular international student. pls see if u can help me in raising my daughter a fine human being.
needy father
cell 0306-4406963

Jay Kumar Vora said...

Honorable Malala,
Congratulations for receiving NOBLE PRIZE for PEASE. I am proud of you. God may shower lot of blessings upon you.

Jay Kumar Vora
Vapi, Gujarat, India.
+91 9428830457

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala,

Congratulations on achieving the Nobel Peace Prize Award

Eid Mobaruk to U & Ur family

May God always protect & guide U. Ameen.

BBZ ~ { British Born Zakirs }

Anonymous said...

MALALA what ever you doing is good. what ever you telling we love to hear that. but we hate your religion. because quran teaching to kill innocent people. why cant you think to convert to some other religion which allowing freedom to women? why cant you think to join any religion like teaching peace to all the people? for example go through this
And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. 9:5

Quran 5:33 – “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.”

Quran 9:29 – “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.”

Anonymous said...

All the best Madam and God bless u Madam.

mehmood sherazi said... read article about malala

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, her impact on reality for many was immediate and ongoing. People like this are rare, of the same bravery and purity of a few such as the recently late Helen Bamber, who was wrongly less known. That even one such, Malala, has become world famous is only a good thing and will mean that at last work for the oppressed can gather momentum at last.

P.Mohan Ram said...

I composed the following Poems on 11.10.2012, and I am glad to present the same again, after knowing that she has been selected for award of the Nobel Prize.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Malala Yousafzai got shot in head,
Since girls’ education, she wanted ahead,
Terrorists want women’s rights to suppress,
Afraid of being taken by surprise,

Let women be treated as human,
Since we all come from women,
Nobel Prize is very small honour,
For this teen Malala’s great valour,

United Nations declare World Malala Day,
To make women happy and gay,
Let’s pray God for Malala’s recovery,
Token of affection appreciating the bravery,

Whether Pakistani or Indian by birth,
Noble cause should never find dearth,
Pray Almighty for terrorists’ mind change,
They should become human, full range.

Thanks and regards,
- - -
P.Mohan Ram

Raheem Jan said...

i want to meet malala

Anonymous said...

Hallo Malala oder das Malala-Team!
Ich bin 11 Jahre alt. Unsere Klasse und ich haben uns ein Film über Sie angeschaut.
Wir sind sehr begeistert, was Sie für die Menschheit machen. Unglaublich was Sie schon alles erlebt haben. Großen Respekt! Liebe Grüße aus Österreich... Mika Spandl

Anonymous said...

Hallo Malala!
Wir haben in Religion einen Film über Sie gesehen.
Er wahr sehr interessant!!!
Wir sind alle sehr beeintrukt von dir was Sie für die Menschheit alles tuhen!!
Ich bin 12 Jahre alt.
Großen Respekt! Liebe Grüße aus Österreich!!!
Philip Ebner

Naveed Ghaazi said...

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all the Palestinians, I would like to congratulate you and wish you all success in your difficult mission. We Palestinians were very touched with your gesture and we appreciate it very much. The world needs someone like you to bring peace in that part of the world where all mankind could live freely and safely. Your efforts are highly appreciated and we cannot find the words to thank you. The only thing we could say that we must keep the hope a life.
Warm wishes,
Omar Tarbush

Sedaghat Haiati said...

Dear Malala
Congratulations on receiving the Noble Prize for Peace. I am proud of you. As a retired university teacher and the translator of "I AM MALALA" into Persian, I always appreciate your courage and energy and true faith in following the human rights. I like you just like my daughters, Sara and Parastoo.

emmily lauszus said...

you are amazing

NOOR UL FAIZ said...

Hai...I'm noorul faiz...
From india (kerala)
I would like to join your global servicing.
I LOVE... you malala ....

NOOR UL FAIZ said...

Hai malala ...
I am from indai (kerala)
I would like to join your global servicing. ...For women s and children s.....

Anonymous said...

I would like to send a letter to her...
What is her address ??
Have been a huge fan of her
Does she live in Birmingham or Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

What is malala's address??
I have to write a letter to her for my LA class.

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala,
Our names are Charlie and Richard and we come from a school called Our Lady’s Primary School. Our school is located in Victoria, Australia. Before you read anymore we’d both like to congratulate you for being awarded The Nobel Peace Prize with your joint winner Kailash Satyarthi. You have the qualities of a true leader and you have inspired the Year Five students at our school to become great school leaders! Thank you for that! Right now our teacher is reading the young adults edition of your book “I am Malala”.
You stood up for girl’s education not only in Pakistan but the whole world, that is the reason why the Taliban tried to silence you, but that was a very big mistake because now the whole world knows your name. It must be very nice for you to have thousands of people looking up to you as their role model. We just wanted you to know that out of the thousands of people who consider you as their role models, we are two of them.

The only people that don’t look up to you are your 2 brothers… we know the pain you have with your 2 brothers because we also have “gorillas” we have to call brothers and sisters. So at least we think the same as each other when it comes to brothers and sisters.

Last of all we would like to wish you good luck in wanting to become Prime Minister of Pakistan, we wish you all the best!

From Charlie and Richard

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala,
Our names are Charlie and Richard and we come from a school called Our Lady’s Primary School. Our school is located in Victoria, Australia. Before you read anymore we’d both like to congratulate you for being awarded The Nobel Peace Prize with your joint winner Kailash Satyarthi. You have the qualities of a true leader and you have inspired the Year Five students at our school to become great school leaders! Thank you for that! Right now our teacher is reading the young adults edition of your book “I am Malala”.
You stood up for girl’s education not only in Pakistan but the whole world, that is the reason why the Taliban tried to silence you, but that was a very big mistake because now the whole world knows your name. It must be very nice for you to have thousands of people looking up to you as their role model. We just wanted you to know that out of the thousands of people who consider you as their role models, we are two of them.

The only people that don’t look up to you are your 2 brothers… we know the pain you have with your 2 brothers because we also have “gorillas” we have to call brothers and sisters. So at least we think the same as each other when it comes to brothers and sisters.

Last of all we would like to wish you good luck in wanting to become Prime Minister of Pakistan, we wish you all the best!

From Charlie and Richard

Anonymous said...

Mahala said at the Nobel Speech - How is it that they can bring tanks but not schools.

-How is it they can always find money for tanks and aircraft but not for Schools
Why they always find money for war yet schools hold have to hold Jumble sale to buy books

Anonymous said...

I myself proud that you got Noble Prize for your hardship missions for noble cause.
I hearty congratulate to you & your mission team members
With warm Regards

Anonymous said...

"Leadership doesn't require any title". " Leaders always work for a Cause". "Leaders are always Brave & Courageous" " Leaders are having unselfish attitude", "Leaders are outspoken" and many more lines on Leadership. But, "Leader doesn't have an age bar, whatsoever be the cause or purpose, you are a burning example". I must congratulate you for the Noble Prize and "Almighty Bless You and Your family" ~ Pranab Dasgupta, India

Parag Sarma said...

Malala greate Girls

Sunshine said...

I am an American retired teacher and my heart fills with joy for your endeavor to educate all children. Congratulations on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

I wanted to share a thought with you: Educated mothers raise educated sons. Look around the world; in places where women are educated, their sons, as well as daughters, often rise to achieve great goals. It shouldn't make a difference, but for men, the thought of having smart sons, might convince them to educate the daughters who will raise the next generation of sons. I hope that this idea is a useful one for you as you work with government officials to encourage them to provide an education for all of their children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Malala,

I have just read about the Taliban attack in Pakistan and how critics are saying it was ignited by you.

Though it is ridiculously rubbish. I pray that you will not be affected by any of this. I believe that one day you will move the next generation and there will be rising "mini Malala's" on the way to save the nation of such fears and desperation.
You are not alone in whatever you are doing and you will never be.

All the best and thank you for being an inspiration to everyone.

Michelle Yap

Anonymous said...

I am preeti. I am from India. I tried to contact you but i cannot find your mail-id or anyother contact information.In India there was some views and problems against women rights. you can help me and india.

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala, I live in germany and today I saw a short report about you and your life on TV. I admire you and your braveness! But please don´t let your person and your power be exploited by the press. Try to keep your independence and keep your way. As a lot of persons would like to meet you, I would like too but my offer is: If you need a friend you are always welcome. If you like to meet me, inschallah it will happen. Salam 3alaykum.

Anonymous said...

thanks to remember humanity

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Malala.

Hope you are fine and best of health. I wanna get your attention towards an important issue and i belive that you will help me to save my life. I suffering in Norway from 3 years. Neither permission to work nor right to social help and lived one and half year even in -18 temperature on the street road and train station.

The reason is that I have been persecuted and tortured because of my belief where i raised my voice for the right of female rights for education in the Valley of swat and childern protection from terrorist. I made an humanitarian organization for that. My family members round about 50 members was killed during the funeral of my uncle ex-DSP officer in the Valley of swat where i was present in the funeral ceremoney in the school ground on friday on evening time. Your father knows abut it.

My life is at risk and I am trying to reach my voice to you my sister in order to be consider a human being in Norway. I have a university degree in business administration HRM. I have paid the price of my health for the sack of human right. you came to Noble ceremoney in Oslo Norway I could not reach to you.

your sincerely
Sajjad khan

Anonymous said...

Dearest Malala Yousafzai,
My name is Ari Benjamin Bank and I am a Professor at The Community College of Philadelphia where I teach social awareness and social activism themed courses. My students have been reading 'I Am Malala' and they have all told me it is the most inspirational story they have ever read. I believe my students say this because they feel a connection to you and relate in some way to your story. To be specific, students at the college face extreme gun violence which often prevents them from attending school safely; the commutes they have travelling to school and then back to their urban neighborhoods is a constant fear. This is not only a fear students feel who have grown up in Philadelphia, but also a fear felt from international students who attend the college; one of my students, Yafa, said the violence she witnessed in her home village is no different from the violence she faces in this city. I understand that your speaking engagements are likely something a community college could not afford, and I also understand you must be traveling quite a bit as a global figure for peace, justice, and for the right to education. Knowing this, would it be possible to arrange for a Skype session with the students at the college? Even a recorded message or video would truly touch their hearts and inspire them to continue with their education and to not give in to fear. I have tried many ways to reach you but it has been tough ... I visited this website today and I am hoping, somehow, this message reaches you or any of your representatives. If you wish to write back, my email address is
peace be with you, Ari

Soulaf Abas said...

Dear Malala,
I am a Syrian citizen currently living in USA. I have been working with Syrian children in Refugee Camps and one of the results was a book that documents letter and art exchange between American and Syrian refugee children. I want to se the book to you. How can I do that? What mailing address should I send it to?
You can email me back at:
Thanks and God bless you

Anonymous said...

Hai Malala I really like very much. I am studying in 7th . I wnt to grow like you

Anonymous said...

Dear Malala,
We are a group of 10 women supporting - since 2002 - an afghan school in Estalef. 600 girls studying from lower to top levels, in order to become helpful to their country. We would like to welcome you in southern Brittany where we live... a couple of days, if you have some vacations, soon. You are such a model and we were so proud when you received your so well deserved Nobel Prize. We are looking forward to hear from you;
Love and peace.

Anonymous said...

malala i want to talk to you. so please contact me we are in trouble.

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